Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do I book a reservation?
A: You can call or text our booking line @ 303-323-1039, or book directly from our website by scrolling to the bottom of the property/service page that you’re interested in booking.


Q: How much do I have to pay to book a house?
A: If your arrival date is 60+ days away, we provide a flexible booking option where only 25% of the payment is required at the time of booking, after which your remaining balance will be due on/before 60-days prior to your arrival. If you are booking within 60 days of your arrival date, payment is required in full at the time of booking.


Q: Are the properties cannabis-friendly?
A: Yes, cannabis consumption is 100% legal and permitted as long as it’s consumed responsibly and doesn’t cause any nuisance to the neighbors or damage to the property. (You must be 21+ to consume.)


Q: Do you offer packages or full-service options?
A: Yes we do! Check out our site called “” to view our all-inclusive package options. (See: our most popular “Baller” package)


Q: Can Experience Guide help me plan my daily itineraries, suggest activities, make dinner reservations, etc?
A: Yes absolutely! Once you submit a deposit to secure your property, we will be your Concierge Team moving forward! We’re happy to assist with planning your trip from top to bottom.


Q: Are there added benefits for booking directly with Experience Guide, versus Airbnb, VRBO, etc?
A: Yes, when you book with us directly, you will receive our “VIP Experience Package” complimentary, which can be viewed HERE:


Q: What time is check-in?
A: Check in time is 4:00pm (unless you book with our company directly then your check-in time is 2:00pm!)


Q: What time is check-out?
A: Check-out time is 11:00am (unless you book with our company directly then your check-out time is 12:00pm!)


Q: Can I request an early check-in, or late check-out?
A: Never hurts to ask! However, options are based on calendar availability and additional fees will apply if you booked through a third-party. If you booked with us directly, we will do our best to get you checked in earlier than 2pm if you require, however this is not guaranteed and can only be authorized 1-2 days before your arrival date (subject to availability).  


Q: What’s the address to my rental property? Do we need to pick up keys or is there a code?
A: The address to your rental property and access information will be provided 48-hours prior to your arrival.


Q: Where can I find recommendations for restaurants, bars, and breweries (etc) which can accommodate a large group?
A: Check out our “Denver Top 5” list HERE. For recommendations in other markets, please call or text us @ 323-303-1039


Q: Our reservation includes a complimentary rental shuttle van. How do we go about setting that up?
A: To make pickup and drop off arrangements for your rental shuttle van, please contact our rental partner AVR and tell them you’re staying with Experience Guide to receive our corporate rate. Once your rental shuttle van reservation is confirmed with AVR, we’ll apply a credit of $275/day (as indicated on your lodging Reservation Itinerary). Customers are responsible for refueling costs, and also making arrangements for pickup and drop off of the vehicle. Vehicles are parked near Denver International Airport.


Q: Does the complimentary rental shuttle van include a driver?
A: Drivers are not included with rental shuttle vans. Someone in your group will need to be a designated driver. If you are interested in arranging transportation service with a chauffeur, we recommend our 15-passenger Mercedes Sprinter vans which are $189/hour with a 4-hour minimum. (We’ll also automatically add 20% gratuity for the driver.)


Q: Do you provide special rates if I rent more than one property for my large group?
A: Yes, contact us for group-rate details prior to booking. 


Q: Are events permitted?
A: We welcome private events as long as they are approved prior to booking. We cannot host events that are advertised. RSVP lists must be solidified in advance, and your reservation must reflect the total number of people who will be entering the property, not just overnight guests. Depending on the nature of your event, a doorman and/or security may be required.


Q: What does “On-Demand Concierge” mean?
A: If applicable to your reservation, your group will have a dedicated phone number where you can text any requests or questions prior to, during, or after your stay.


Q: What are my options for having Groceries & Beverages delivered/pre-stocked before I arrive?
A: If applicable to your reservation, your group can take advantage of our complimentary Grocery & Beverage Pre-stocking Service. You enter your order(s) into the Instacart app (grocery delivery) and/or Drizly app (alcohol delivery) and coordinate your delivery time with us prior to placing the order. We’ll be there at the property to accept any deliveries and ensure everything is stocked up in the fridge and pantry before you arrive. (We’ll also dispose of all the cardboard and garbage.)
*Please contact us prior to placing any delivery orders so we can schedule accordingly.


Q: What does the “Beer Pong Package” include?
A: If listed on your Reservation Itinerary, will include a beer pong table, solo cups, and ping-pong balls. Beer is not provided.


Q: Are kegs permitted?
A: Kegs are OK as long as you accept responsibility for any excessive mess and/or floor damage. If your group plans on getting a keg, we recommend renting our JOCKEY BOX KEGERATOR which has two (2) taps, and stainless steel coils that connect to a cO2 tank so your beer gets cold quickly and stays cold through the weekend. The kegerator also helps manage the keg(s) much better than standard taps.


Q: What is your lodging cancellation policy?
A: Our cancellation policy is detailed within our Terms & Conditions, which you can view HERE.


Q: What if more people join my trip last-minute? Do I need to update my reservation?
A: It’s very common for head-counts to change between the time you book and the time you arrive. Please give us as much heads up as possible if your headcount changes, and note there will be additional guest fees added to your reservation ($50/guest per night) beyond what you originally booked.


Q: What if some people in my group bail out on the trip before we are scheduled to arrive?
A: Any changes to your reservation that require partial credits or refunds must occur at least 60 days before your scheduled arrival date. We do not provide partial credits or refunds for any changes made within 60 days of your scheduled arrival date.





Q: How much does it cost to have a driver and a vehicle?
A: All of our
vehicles are competitively priced starting at $149/hour including a private chauffeur.


Q: Do you offer half-day or full-day rate discounts?
A: We no longer offer discounted half-day or full-day rates.


Q: Do the hourly rates include a driver?
A: Yes, a commercially licensed and insured professional chauffeur is included with the advertised rates. 


Q: Is gratuity included?
A: Gratuity is not included in the quoted 
hourly rates; 20% gratuity will be automatically added to your reservation at the time of booking.


Q: How many people fit in the vehicles?
A: Our
shuttle vans seat 14 passengers plus the driver, and our stretch limos seat 12 passengers plus the driver. 


Q: Can I drive the limo myself?
A: No, the limo will include a private chauffeur. If you are interested in renting a shuttle van that you can
drive yourself, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide information in that regard. 


Q: Do you have vehicles that I can drive myself?
A: Yes! We offer daily Tesla and Rivian rentals for $249/day including unlimited charging and unlimited miles. We also have a partnership with a local van-rental company who has 12 and
15 passenger shuttle vans for rent that you can drive yourself. 


Q: What is your cancellation policy with regards to transportation?
A: In the case of a transportation-related cancellation, your payment is non-refundable and any monies paid will be forfeited.\


Q: When is payment due if I just want to book transportation and not lodging?
A: Payment is due in full at the time of booking and is non-refundable. 


Q: What if I don’t utilize the full time that I paid for?
A: We do not provide partial refunds or credits. If you do not utilize the full amount of time that you paid for, that time will be forfeited without any refund or credit.


Q: Can I get a ride to another state?
A: No, we are only licensed to provide transportation service within the state of Colorado.


Q: Can I consume cannabis and alcohol in the vehicles?
A: It is 100% legal to consume alcohol in our vehicles as long as anyone who is consuming is 21+. Fees will apply for any incidental damages to the vehicles including but not limited to burn holes, spillage, or anything requiring additional cleaning. Additional fees will apply for cannabis consumption, including vaping. Please ask your driver to pull over if you wish to consume cannabis and/or vape. 


Q: Is tobacco allowed?
A: No. Tobacco is strictly prohibited in any of our vehicles. This includes vaping, cigarettes, cigars, prime time’s, backwoods’, or any tobacco-wrap or tobacco-blended product.


Q: I will have minors in the car with me, can I still consume cannabis and/or alcohol?
A: We leave this up to your discretion, however if anyone under the age of 21 consumes cannabis or alcohol, or if they are noticeably under the influence of any illegal substance, we reserve the right to cancel the full reservation without any credit or refund.


Q: Am I required to stick to a specific route/itinerary?
A: Not at all! Our drivers also double as tour guides, so if you have a change in itinerary along the way, no problem! Just let your driver know where you’d like to go and he/she will take you there without hesitation. 


Q: Where are your cars parked/based?
A: Our fleet is parked in Lakewood, CO. If you are requesting pickup or dropoff somewhere outside of Denver County, additional fees will apply.


Q: What if my pickup or dropoff addresses are outside of Denver County?
A: Your billable time will begin once the driver leaves our parking lot in Lakewood, and your billable time will end once the driver is back in our parking lot after your ride.


Q: What if we hit traffic or construction zones and the trip is delayed?
A: We are not responsible for traffic or construction delays; if your ride goes more than 15 minutes over your scheduled dropoff time, you will be billed for the additional time accordingly. 


Q: Can I book additional time while I’m in the vehicle with the driver?
A: As long as the driver is available, yes. You can extend your reservation time upon the driver’s verification of availability.


Q: What if someone in my group gets sick while in the vehicle?
A: You can always ask your driver to pull over. If anyone vomits in the car, or makes any mess outside of conventional cleaning, additional fees will apply including but not limited to deep-cleaning fees, missed ride costs, and service charges for the driver and/or cleaning personnel.  


Q: Are pets allowed in the vehicles?
A: Pets are strictly prohibited in all of our vehicles. 


Q: How many people can fit in each vehicle?
A: Our
Tesla SUV’s and Rivian Trucks seat 5 passengers (including the driver), stretch limos seat 13 passengers (including the driver), and shuttle vans seats 15 passengers (including the driver).


Q: What if all of our bags/skis/clubs won’t fit in the vehicle that we booked?
A: Customers are responsible for covering fees for any additional vehicle required to transport luggage (Uber, Lyft, or a second vehicle of ours).


👉 Got questions that aren’t answered above? Call or text us @ (303) 323-1039 and one of our representatives will be delighted to assist.