In-Home IV Therapy

Take care of yourself. Your body is a temple.

Private Service

Registered Nurses

Affordable Rates

Sign a new lease on life

Time to feel like a million bucks.

Staying happy and healthy is no easy feat. Let our team of Experience Specialists make all the arrangements for your health-and-wellness goals while you’re in Colorado.

IV Therapy is one of our most popular in-home service offerings.

Here’s what to expect:

👩‍⚕️ Certified RN’s and Critical Care Nurses
😌 Administered in the convenience of your rental property
⏰ Only requires 30-45 minutes of your time
💰 Rates start at $169/person
😎 Customized “cocktail combinations” available
✅ No minimum-guest requirement

More like altitude WELLNESS

Elevate your wellbeing

🧠 Do your brain and your heart a kindness.
💧 It’s like throwing a party for your blood cells.
😎 Integrate some health & wellness into your weekend!

⭐️ Looking to customize your IV therapy experience?
⭐️ Got a large group?
⭐️ Planning an event?

Call or text us today @ (303) 323-1039

Let’s do this
Give that brain a draaaaank

Dehydration can suck it

🤤 Colorado dryness alert: it’s a real thing.
🎉 Lace up those party boots, it’s time to rally!
⛑️ Feel good for 2+ weeks.

⭐️ You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.
⭐️ Let’s put some spring back in that step.
⭐️ Crush your goals with full brain function.

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