Private Chef Service

Be in good hands from the moment you land

Set the size of your dinner

Let us handle the hard parts

Customize your meal


Private Chef Service

Redefining fine dining

1. Submit a $300 deposit

Deposit goes towards your meal service

2. Let’s discuss your preferences

Our culinary experts will customize a menu for your group

3. Conveniently prepared in your rental property

Private Chefs handle all the shopping, prep, cooking and clean-up

4. Take your vacation up a notch

Ask about our rooftop specials, BBQ parties, infused meals and pairings


Starting rate for family-style meals


Starting rate for full-experiences

Get them 'grams ready

Ditch the delivery and go for the real deal!

curate your menu, plan an infused meal, or just let our chef blow your mind, your call!

Food = Fuel

If you want to party hard, you gotta eat right. Let our chef make you the right meal to start your party off right!

Private Chef services start with a $300 deposit then our chefs will prepare you a menu to choose from and then come to your lodging and prepare your meal for you, leaving you to only have to worry about taking ONE more bite.

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